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Employee Group Protection

More and more employers are looking at the overall benefits package they offer to employees.  Group protection can be a vital part of this as protecting the physical and financial health and well-being of your most valuable assets should be high on any employers’ agenda.

We offer advice on group protection products that are invaluable in providing financial, practical and emotional support in the event of ill health or death to an employee.

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Group Life insurance

Group life cover is a key component of a comprehensive employee benefits package and a valued benefit that can help businesses attract and retain staff.

With group life cover, employers can demonstrate a caring attitude towards their employees by ensuring fast and efficient payments to loved ones in the event of their death, helping to ease financial pressures in an extremely difficult time.

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Group Critical Illness

With a group critical illness scheme, employers can add real value to their employees benefits package. Not only do these plans provide financial support if someone is diagnosed with a critical illness, or needs a serious operation covered by the policy, but many providers of these schemes offer additional support such as emotional support and counselling services. Find out more about our group critical illness cover and mortgage broker services in Bristol, Bath and the UK, by contacting us at Tanner Financial Services ltd.

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Group Income Protection

As with group critical illness schemes, group income protection is a key component of a comprehensive employee benefits package, providing financial and practical support to employees when they are unable to work due to long-term illness or injury.

Such schemes allow employers to demonstrate a caring attitude towards their workforce, while allowing their employees to focus on their health, recovery and on returning to work.

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