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No one can predict the future, but it's important that you prepare yourself, so should something unforeseen occur, you and your family will be protected. There are a range of mortgage and income protection products on the market that are suitable for a range of circumstances, and Tanner Financial Services Ltd can help you find the best one for you. Whatever your needs are, get in touch to speak to an illness, income or mortgage protection broker in the UK.

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Mortgage Protection

If you own a property, then mortgage protection will provide peace of mind and deliver a safety net should the worst happen. This type of policy is designed to protect just your mortgage should you be unfortunate to suffer death or a critical illness. Get in touch with us at Tanner Financial Services Ltd if you are looking for a mortgage protection broker in the UK.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance will provide either a lump sum or annual income for your dependents should you die during the term of the contract. The amount paid could decrease over time, or could be at a specified level.

Life insurance will provide for your family should you suffer such a devastating life changing event as a death. Your family will be taken care of, and the lump sum or annual income can be used for bills and other necessities.

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Critical Illness

Critical illness cover can be combined with a life insurance policy or be set up as a standalone policy.  It will provide you with a lump sum should you contract a critical illness specified in the terms of the cover. When the term ends, so will your protection.



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Income Protection

Income protection is an insurance policy that is set up to pay out should you be unable to work due to injury or illness. Nowadays, many employers do not provide you with any kind of income when you are unable to work due to an injury or illness.  Those that do provide such cover, only do so for a limited period of time.

The state does provide limited benefits during your illness but the amount is minimal and for most people won’t be sufficient to maintain any quality of life. 

Income protection is flexible in that it can provide an income until retirement, death or your return to work.  In recent years’ short term income protection policies have become available on the market which last for one or two years and therefore are available at a lower monthly cost.

Therefore, you will want to consider income protection to provide you with an additional income stream should you experience an illness or injury.

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